Recognizing a significant market demand, Euromedic Trading was able to supply hospitals full-scale with all of the necessary professional medical materials for doctors and hospital operations.

Euromedic Trading deals primarily with the trade of instruments, equipment, services, technologies, and disposable and medical materials used by healthcare institutions, hospitals, and clinics. The main goal of the commercial services of Euromedic Trading is to provide our customers with the most suitable, highest-quality products at a good price according to the customers’ expectations. We are in contact with 300 suppliers and manufacturers, and we distribute almost 9,000 products to the satisfaction of our partners. Our foreign partners continuously inform us about novelties on the market and, therefore, we are always able to correspond to our customers’ demands in the best possible way.

Full scale hospital supply

We supply hospitals with the following product lines:



Deim Dorottya

Dorottya Deim

Managing Director



Pásztor Gyula

Gyula Pásztor

Company Manager


Csíki Emese

Emese Csíki

Head of Commercial Department



Matics Lászlóné Gabriella

Lászlóné Matics

Head of Public Procurement



Ocsovai Tünde

Tünde Ocsovai

Sales Director


Lajos Péter

Péter Lajos

Sales Manager


Nagy Ferenc

Ferenc Nagy

Sales Manager


Kevin Johnson

Johnson Kevin

Sales Manager


Pánczér Csilla

Csilla Pánczér

Sales Manager


Csali Szilvia

Szilvia Csali

Sales Manager


Nagy Gyöngyi

Gyöngyi Nagy

Sales Manager


Vilmányi Kiss Mária

Mária Vilmányi Kiss

Sales Manager


Pataki Katalin

Katalin Pataki

Sales Manager


Ferenc Betty

Betty Ferenc

Pharmacy Sales Manager


Andrasi Nikolett

Nikolett Andrási

Pharmacy Sales Manager


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Phone number: +36 1 8153 100
Fax number: +36 1 8153 107


Address: H-1119 Budapest, Nándorfejérvári út 36-40.

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