Joseph PrielIn the early 1990s, as in most sectors, many changes started to appear in the field of healthcare, for example increasingly more private companies appeared alongside the state institutions. Established in 1995 by the Israeli entrepreneur Joseph Priel, Euromedic’s distribution division revolutionized the hospital sector in Hungary by combining a unique self-made tender system for medical materials with a hospital reference stock system for pharmaceuticals. Since its inception, Euromedic has become a dominant factor in the Hungarian healthcare sector, providing the utmost satisfaction to healthcare service providers.

Euromedic performs its distribution activities for state or municipality-owned hospitals and covers the majority of the market in this field, which ensured that all debts are totally collectable and secured.

In Hungary, Euromedic is the only company that deals with the wholesale supply of the full scope of hospital needs from pharmaceuticals and materials for medical care to sanitary and office supplies of the hospitals.


The most important factor in public health is the PATIENT.
Through our practical experience, Euromedic accumulated the knowledge of the kind of services patients prefer, require and deserve.
It is not only our profession to help people, it is our mission to deliver the most modern tools, technologies and services to both our clients and patients so as to enhance their efforts in maintaining a better quality of life.
Our mission is to provide high quality services for the healthcare sector in cooperation with existing public services addressing the healthcare industry to make the world healthier.
Our vision is to be the number one provider of value added integrated health services in the hospital pharmacy market in Central and Eastern Europe.
Our main mission is to always secure the shipments for the hospitals contributing to smooth and efficient patient care.

Our core values:

• Customer focus • Professionalism  •Credibility • Innovation • Cooperation • Loyalty • Flexible customer service • Innovative approach • Partnership • Stability • Quality • Thinking outside the box



Joseph Priel

Joseph Priel



Kaló Vaskó Erzsébet

Erzsébet Kalo-Vaskó

Vice President


Levente Erika

Erika Levente

Administration Manager


Tóth Zsuzsanna

Zsuzsanna Tóth

Chief Financial Officer



Kovács Annamária

Annamária Kovács

Chief Accountant


Zámbori Melinda

Melinda Zámbori

Group Controller


György Ildikó

Ildikó György

Director of HR


Nógrádi Tamás

Tamás Nógrádi

Director of Develeopment


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